For the past 7 years I have learnt to eat around my wheat intolerance. I know what you’re thinking – another cliche Instagrammar  who wages their recipe pictures and hashtags as ammunition in the war against gluten. And I must confess, I do steer clear of pasta dishes and bread due to the effect they have on my body. HOWEVER, this blog is not part of the current crusade against wheat. I do not believe that this fashionable wave of criticism is justified and many of my recipes (mainly desserts) contain wheat flour. My intolerance has, however, encouraged me to look at food in new ways, utilising ingredients that have become far more popular in the past few years. What is most important to me is an unprocessed and uncomplicated diet, based around what is fresh and available. Many gluten products do not coincide with this mantra due to their countless indigestible ingredients and, similarly to many gluten free products, are far from nourishing.

As a recent graduate, I have officially entered the dreaded in-between-stage that daunts and overwhelms any previously care free student. In order to postpone real-world adult life for as long as I can, come January, I will travel through eastern Asia. I plan to sample and learn the recipes of locally sourced dishes and gain further inspiration for a healthy and balanced diet which avoids both excess and denial.


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