The Weird and Wonderful Things You Can Buy…

I have bought many things since being away, mainly a large amount of very colourful clothes that will become redundant the second I land on Heathrow’s grey and rainy platform. Although I did not actually buy the following, I feel that in light of their uniqueness they deserve a mention.

1) The stuffed giant frogs that made purses…suitable for almost all occasions

2) Snail snacks, coated in chilli powder. These are scooped into big cups, like pick’n’mix, and eaten whole.

3) BBQ pick’n’mix of just about every part of an animal you can imagine including pigs ears and chicken feet. And lots of dried flat fish.

4) Fish feet cleaning. This is more of an experience and more weird than the experience is the sign advertising it.

5) Happy Pizza…amongst the kebabs and fried rice be careful when ordering food as these pizzas are infused with weed.

6) This motor bike.

7) Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this last commodity so you will have to imagine them. These are small glass flasks  of moonshine infused with different animals and insects. Snakes, cockroaches, lizards and so forth are crammed into the bottles and submersed in a yellowy liquid. I can confirm that I did not try any of these for fear of going blind.


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