Hiking in Hong Kong 

I actually began my travels in Hong Kong so excuse the deviation in chronology! Although only here for a fleeting 5 nights, I couldn’t miss writing about this place. Utter culture shock induced by a myriad of new cuisines,  a staggeringly busy city centre, and impenetrable language barriers blended my succession of experiences here into a hazy, jet-lagged mesh. 

The city centre forms a heaving metropolis, illuminated at night more brightly than daylight due to the thousands of adverts and billboards that their flash luminous pinks, yellows and greens. Their indecipherable symbols absorbing the tourist’s gazes, resulting in your continual collision with the press of people that surround you. Like moths to a flame, as night falls, the luminous epicentre draws its citizens inwards.

The outskirts, although just as busy, transition from towering office blocks and bars to row upon row of market stalls. From every imaginable iphone case possible, to outrageously garish clothes and shoes, to assortments of dried fish and hanging meats, nothing seemed familiar.

 However, only a short metro ride away and you escape the heaving mass of taxis, trams and congested pavements. The multiple surrounding islands are mapped with pathways that wind through forested hills. We ended one such hike in a fishing village nestled deep in the mountain’s cove. For a small sum of money, a plethora of seafoods were delivered to our table. Fresh scallops, topped with fried garlic and spring onions where a definte favourite!

However, we where not as swept away by our experience of the popular national meal, Dim Sum. The array of shrimp, pork and other less decipherable meats are encased in parcels of rice pastry. Although I can appreciate the delicacy and intricate process of preparing Dim Sum, where each food requires a slightly different pastry casing arranged in varying artistic patterns, the overall greasiness and unpleasantly slippery textures were not for me! At least I tried it though!!!



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