Oranaise: A piece of the Middle East in the heart of the North

Situated on the outskirts of Hyde Park, Oranaise is a small yet popular venue drawing both students and many other customers. As a petrified fresher, I dined here with my mother on my very first night at university. Despite my ferocious nerves I distinctly remember feeling at ease in the comfortable yet vibrant atmosphere. Oranaise offers a wide range of food from pastas and burgers to tapas and brochettes. However, where this place truly excels is in its middle eastern menu. During my time at uni, when grocery supplies were running low and my cupboard contents had once again been reduced to a single, slightly mouldy onion, I often dreamt of the succulent lamb tagine that I nervously consumed on my first night in the north. The combination of the slowly cooked meat, infused with the sweetness of prunes and cinnamon, transported me back to memories of living in Egypt and Syria.

The mezze platter became a later favourite of mine consisting of vine leaves, falafel and tabouleh. This was served alongside a generous helping of hummus and tzasiki. Safe to say I was full for a long time afterwards!

The mezze platter; falafel, pitta, hummus, tzasiki, salad, couscous, vine leaves , tabouleh and spicy salsa dip.

I fell in love with this place so much so that for my 21st dinner party I ordered from Oranaise. The speedy and simple online delivery method really completed a fabulous moroccan themed evening!

The VERY colourful decorations before my dinner at uni, then catered by Oranaise.

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